The faces of augusta | seniors 2020




Q: What High School do you attend?

A: Evans High School.

Q:  Please tell us about your current plans after high school and what inspired you to choose this path? 

A:  My plan is to attend AU majoring in Film/Communications and having a double major in History. I’ve always had a love for movies and videos but in my junior year I was asked to edit videos for my drama department and I feel in love with it. I love history and everything that it holds but my US History, Mr. Shane Walker, made history really enjoyable and fun to learn. I plan to become a film/video editor and a historian.

Q:  Please tell us a little bit about your family. 

A:  I have a very large family! I have a sister and three step-siblings. My stepbrothers Nick, Drew, and Kile and my sister Taylor along with her fiancé Ajay. My mom Tonya and Kevin. Also my dad Tony and Jodie. My grandma or meme as we call her Martha, my nanny Michal, and my poppy William. Along with many other aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family.

Q: What are a couple of your favorite restaurants in our community?

A: Applebee’s, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Chicken Fingers, and Longhorn Steakhouse.


The faces of augusta | seniors 2020

Q: Who is the most interesting person you’ve met here in our community?

A: My drama teacher Mrs. Rebecca Brune is the most wonderful and unique person you’ll ever meet. And I’m I was lucky enough to have her as my teacher for the past four years.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?

A: New Zealand because they have so many fun and interesting things that we don’t have here in the US.

Q: What is one of your favorite movies? TV shows?

A: A Star is Born, Bones.

Q: What’s the best advice you ever received from a teacher? Who was the teacher?

A: Mrs. Reinga Thompson my guidance counselor gave me so many pieces of advice to help me throughout high school I can’t just one thing. Everything she said so important.

Q: What is your go-to band/singer when you can’t decide what to listen to?

A: 5 Seconds of Summer.


The faces of augusta | seniors 2020


Q: If you could choose anyone to have lunch with, who would you choose? Why? And where, locally, would you meet for this lunch?

A: David Dobrik because he is such a great person, his personality and humor are unmatched. We’d have to go to Chipotle.

Q: What is your favorite thing about our community?

A: I love Lady Antebellum park.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

A: I’ll be 27 around then so hopefully I’ll be working my dream job in the film industry editing big movies and living in New York or Los Angeles.

Q: What show are you binge-watching right now?

A: Criminal Minds.

Q: Favorite month? favorite holiday? and the best single day on the calendar?

A: October or November, Christmas, September 5.

Q: Who inspires you to be better?

A: My mom.


The faces of augusta | seniors 202

Q: If you could go back over your entire school career, what is one thing you would do differently?

A: I wouldn’t because everything that has happened to me over these past 4 years has lead me to be who I am today.

Q: Who or what do you miss the most right now?

A: Going to the movies.

Q: What life lessons have you learned through this quarantine experience?

A: Love for one’s self, and how to be more honest with my self and others.



Q: What’s the first thing you want to do when this quarantine is over?

A: Go to the movies.


Thank you, Lauren, for interviewing with us during this quarantine time. You have made my experience easy and comfortable.  To new beginnings. If I can share one piece of advice for the life you are about to create, it would be for you to enjoy the journey. That’s how you create a beautiful life. Say yes to life! Enjoy yourself and create beautiful and loving memories.  Friends for Life.  ~MICKI

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