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Spenser started his first company at age 11. He recalls that there were 3 kids in his neighborhood that were each wanting to do lawn care for people. Spenser offered to find them jobs. He did. He found more jobs than they could handle, so Spenser found other teenagers that wanted to cut yards, too….


Meet Christopher McDonald! Christopher is a longtime resident of our community and co-owner of his own coffee shop. He has lived here since 1987 and said he became highly interested in coffee because “it runs in the family.”   “I have an uncle that owns a coffee shop in Charleston, my grandfather and my great…


Suzanne Bagwell is the owner of Petals Inc. Suzanne has lived here her entire life and has been always loved music and flowers. We asked Suzanne about her life here and some questions about herself.   Q: Since you are a teacher and lover of music, who are your favorite music artists? A: “Bing Crosby,…


“My father is a preacher and his father was a preacher.  My mother’s father was a preacher.  My husband and I are thinking about having children.  We are under lots of pressure for them to be good kids, I guess.  Ha!  Ok.  My two passions in life outside of family are my online marketing business and…