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I love the laidback southern feel to Augusta. Although, I was not raised here; I spent all of my childhood summers here with my Grandma Nancy and Aunt Nan. I have so many fond memories of Augusta from my childhood and as an adult returning to the area after living in Atlanta for over 25 years. . . I welcome the slower pace and enjoy, experiencing the warmth of its people.  So, when presented with the opportunity to host this ongoing project—I was elated and very much excited to explore the city and meet so many new and interesting faces.  I understand the people are the ‘heartbeat’ of the Garden City.


As your local Real Estate Advisor, we are innovative and simply, good ole’ fashion people at heart.  This makes us authentic and community-centric contributors to our community-at-large.  We are for the community.  We realized that outside of the value and services we offer to the community through Momentous Realty; the Community itself, had something far greater to offer, and we wanted to bring it to the forefront and that was its people.  They have a story to tell, and we wanted to be the Storyteller that shines a bright light upon it.


So, Tell Your Story. . .help us tell the unspoken story of Augusta thru your own personal life experiences as a resident of Augusta, Georgia.


See what your neighbors are doing and bringing to the community.  If you know of someone that you would like to nominate for this project, please drop us a line.


Thanks a bunch,




Micki Esposito

Momentous Realty

d: 706-666-4887

e: micki@momentousrealty.com

w: http://iammicki.com


Micki Esposito of Momentous Realtywould love your Faces nominations.